Step 1b and 2:


What I have learned from (Bali, 2016)

Digital Literacy vs. Skills:

  • Digital literacy goes beyond technical skills, encompassing critical thinking and responsible use of technology.
  • Focus: Digital skills ask “what” and “how”; digital literacy asks “why,” “when,” “who,” and “for whom.”
  • Example: we all know how to download images from the internet as a technical skill in order to include them in a Power Point, but the digital literacy here is to know about something called alternative text in order to make it accessible for visually impaired readers. Actually, that was a new info for me. I have thought that both of them have the same meaning. The key difference I can see here is that digital literacy is about the critical thinking we have to do every time we learn new technical skill. Therefore, we can order them as steps: first, we start by learning this skill, then we have to know why I have learned this skill and when I have to use it properly and ethically.

Also, I have learned about the 8 elements of the digital literacy which 4 of them mentioned in the article. Most of them starts with ‘C’. Civic, which about using technology for responsible participation in society. Critical, which I have mentioned before when I said we have to think about any technical skill we learn. Creative, which is about thinking about creative ways to use technology. I can mention here the Digital narrative games we have created in class where we have learned how to use Google forms and slides in order to create enjoyable games, although, they are commonly used just for data collections and creating exams/quizzes. Communicative, which is about communicating effectively online in different contexts. ultimately, my Digital Confidence Profile shows that I have a strong digital literacy and skills awareness, but I need to improve my digital awareness regarding finding and using the data on the internet.

Finally, I have benefitted a lot from that article, and what I want to emphasize that we all are responsible for learning about the digital literacy behind any digital skill we learn.


Step 3:

What I have learned from the following course:

    1. How to research and write with AI tools


  • AI could be a thread or an opportunity, but it is actually an opportunity
  • Input is the research, writing is the process, and output is the text
  • Considering ChatGPT as collaborator, both sides should involve in the writing process in order to achieve great results. This could be done through 3 steps in that process: (Preparation, Interaction, and Continuation)
  • Preparation: prompts should be paragraph’s rather than short sentences. Furthermore, we should know the output we are aiming before writing anything in order to write the appropriate prompts.
  • Interaction: through that, we should direct our conversation to the right track tell we get our targeted result.
  • continuation: it is mainly about adding the human elements from judging and customizing the entered words in order to improve the results


How to write a good prompt following the “CREATE” framework:

  • ‘C’ for character: we have to set a role for the conversation in order to narrow down the scoop and act/respond in a certain way.
  • ‘R’ for request: we should provide all the details of your request while writing the prompt in order to get a result to the point and specific.
  • ‘E’ for examples: AI learn from us, so we can include examples in the prompt in order to get a result in any style we want. It might be your writing style.
  • ‘A’ for adjustment’s: it is basically about editing the prompt to get the exact output/result you want.
  • ‘T’ for type of the output: You should add to your prompt the type of the output, such as articles, essays, bullet points, and even tables.
  • ‘E’ for extras: It could be something like: “ignore anything before this prompt”, “ask me questions before answering”, and “explain your thinking”.


Prompt example:

You are a highly experienced writer who writes a concise readable text without stop words, filler words, or jargon [C]. I want you to summarize the following text, highlighting the most important concepts [R]. Deliver this as a short paragraph of 100 words [E], then list the most important points as bullet points [T]. Finally, follow it by one sentence summary [E]. The text I want you to summarize is: “”.


Link to a Drive folder where I have created some tables for my YouTube course on Computer Networks using this CREATE framework, testing ChatGPT, Gemini, Copilot. Note that I was be able to get these tables from the first result: