Digital profile results & reflection

After reading the article and reviewing my digital profile results, I found that I lacked a lot of digital literacy knowledge/skills. For example, my “Tools & Technology” level is “competent,” which I believe is one of the lowest levels. This sets me back from fully knowing about technology and understanding how to work with it in a safe & efficient way. I found my strength in “Teach and Learn” to be advanced, as I’m very interested in learning more about digital literacy, as well as helping those in need that do not possess the same knowledge.

See screenshot of my results here

Aside from my strengths and weaknesses, reading the part of the article about what posting now can possibly affect future employment reminds me of a very important term I heard a few years back: digital footprint. This term is so widespread on social media, yet it is still ambiguous about how we can protect ourselves and be mindful of what we post out there. I believe that this is also one of my weaknesses, as sometimes I don’t feel well-rounded enough to protect my data and safety.

Taught Path: All Abroad Stations:

I chose Taught path: All Aboard Stations modules. These two modules were interesting because they’re interactive and enriching. They also end with quizzes that challenge you and test the knowledge you accumulated in the lessons. The first module was Online Security and the second was the Blogging module.

I chose the Online Security module because it covers a gray area to me that I don’t know much about. A couple of days ago, I found a suspicious email that said that I had subscribed to this app/website and that around $270 would be paid. I got very worried and anxious because I’m very careful with my subscriptions, yet when I looked up this website, I couldn’t find anything about it. I asked a friend about this, and she told me that it was a fake email and instructed me not to open any of the links they sent. She told me that it was “phishing.” Although I had already known about this term, I was almost going to get scammed because I went into panic mode rather than logic mode and was going to open the website and try to cancel such a subscription. Knowing further information about these scams through the Online Security module was very beneficial. Not only will I be able to pinpoint these scams early on, but I can also help others at risk of such scams. Also, I found new terms such as whaling, spoofing, malware, and Trojan horse very enriching, and I did some research on them after finishing this module so I could acquire more knowledge on such topics.

The Blogging module was also informative, yet my least favorite, despite discussing a topic that is of interest to me. It was a little monotonous and less interactive than the Online Security module. It gave us two scenarios that made us choose between two options, but other than that, it was very hard to be engaged with it. However, I was pleased to learn new things, such as the difference between public blogging and VLE blogging and the platforms for both types. This information was new to me and very intriguing.

My reflection

Deciding with path to do for this assignment was very difficult and tricky, and I ended up doing more activities than I should have. It was also hard to decide what activities to put for this blog and for my assignment as the final product, as I enjoyed many of them. Hopefully, I can be able to share them in class with everyone since I couldn’t include all of them here.