Part 1:

“Where are the crescents in AI?”

What I have learned from Dr. Maha Bali:

I have never thought that AI is biased. I knew it relies only on its trained data, yet I have never thought that who are working on these projects are trying to train these data to be biased to particular mindsets. What I knew also that AI models are trained to refuse any discussions/inquiries related to the three topics: Politics, Sports, and Religion. After what I have red in this article regarding testing AI in the topic of Palestine and Israel, I have tested the same thing on ChatGPT, and I have got the same results. I found that ChatGPT is trained to respond on the inquiries related to that with a bias to Israil. It tries to deliver and convince people that the idea of freeing Palestine is not applicable and cannot be happened due to its complexity. I know that AI learns from us, so, our role is trying to provide it with the right information as well as posting as much awareness posts about this conflict as we can on our social media accounts and blogs. That is because some AI models extends its data by reviewing what are posted on the internet.

Another point I want to talk about, I agree that AI helps us as visually impaired people to recognize our surroundings, yet it is logical that such these technologies really need electricity and internet, internet is the most important technology in our life nowadays, but I agree that these technologies are so expensive, however, I think their manufacturing costs are not. That is may be due to marketing issues, these tools are created outside the middle-east and priced based on  the living standards there. What I want to say that the point here is the pricing strategy they use in our middle-east countries or the developing countries in general is wrong.


“How should I be using AI right now?”

What I have learned from Ethan Mollick:

  • I have never thought or know that each version of ChatGPT is targeting a particular segment of people. He mentioned that ChatGPT 3.5 is for High-school students or college freshmen/sophomore students. That is a new information for me. I know that GPT4 is away smarter than the free version, yet I have not knew that is due to the segmentation goal of the company. I thought that they have created this paid version just to make profits only.
  • Also, I agree with him when he said that the best way to test any AI model to know whether it is good or bad is to test it in a field you are expert or at least have a good knowledge in.
  • A good points he mentioned as well is that AI is just a tool that can help anyone to improve his productivity that is when he says that he was using AI in order to rap up his book writing. Based on my own experience, AI cannot work on creating a full project, even the GPT 4 version, but you can make use of it in order to create a peace of code/writing or improving the quality of your work.
  • I have some suggestions in order to efficiently make use of AI which are also mentioned by Mr. Mollick and Dr. Bali: When you need to use any AI model, first, you have to give it a role to narrow down its scoop and to be more precise, focused, and specific to your questions later. Also, you have to learn how to write proper prompts in order to achieve good results, and that is called prompt Engineering, which I need to learn more about it. Furthermore, AI relies on inputs you give. If you do not provide it with any data/input, it will mainly depend on its trained data. Therefore, in order to obtain good results and similar to your writing style for example, you have to provide it with your data to combine with its trained data in your prompt or attach it in your chat conversation.


Part 2: (Awareness of inequalities and biases)

Creating a video on how to train a simple model and make it biased. That is in order to get a general idea on what happens Behind the scenes? I am going to use a platform called “” in order to create and train that model, and I will use a site called “” which has thousands of free datasets to download.

You can access my video tutorial via the following link:


Thank you!