part 1:

from dr Maha Bali, I can second that AI can be used as a political tool to push certain information to people without their full knowledge. while searching for news on chatgbt about Palestine for my narrative game, I could not find any as it was done on purpose, even if I changed the prompt. also from the podcast, the speakers said that AI models can be biased according to the data that they are based on. AI models might have different personalities. some models can be great at something and others not, so it depends on the model you are dealing with. the article and the podcast showed something interesting, which is that AI can learn on its own from the data.

I think I would react to these things by being more critical of what I get from the chatbots and not using it immediately, trying to check the info, and also trying to know and learn more about the models before using them so I can understand what model will be beneficial for me without wasting time.

what I am curious to learn about AI is how to make the model, how to teach it from the data

part 2:

i chose genrative Ai works. I think it’s the most interesting for me to hear about. also, knowing how the model works is quite fascinating