Taiye Selasi discusses in her TED Talk why the question “where are you from?” categorises us into a preconceived category and keeps us from getting to know one another. We should identify ourselves differently, independent of the notion of the state. The ideal of how we should look depending on our country of origin is not always accurate. Personally speaking Every time my darker skin color friend Kayla claims to be from Kenya, at school people quickly dismiss her as joking and demand proof.

Well, After watching Selasi’s talk I can say that next time I would get to know a tourist better, and find out where they are from. Check to see if my interests overlap and what I can learn from experiences. I should not assume they are unpleasant, and should never start maniacally waving my arms at them when you learn they are from Italy, France or any country.

One of the most important questions that I have immediatly  after watching the video is: did I do that before? did someone ever feel uncomfortable because of me before? I really had many ideas in mind! But now I understood that I should/can establish much more sincere worldwide relationships if I alter the way I phrase this straightforward question.