The Path Less Traveled : Choose your career path

This is more than a game, this is your destiny.

Play the game here

I’ve added more scenarios and made the game more complex than the first draft based on the feedback I’ve gotten (shout out to Mariam and Joury for giving me extensive feedback!). My game wasn’t necessarily dull, but it needed more depth to it, which is something that I took my time doing when it came to my final draft.
(First draft of the game: here)

If I had more time, I would’ve come up with more ideas regarding the path that is “practical.” I don’t want to seem biased or leading by directing the players into a certain path (choosing what their heart desires). This is a point I would’ve addressed had I had more time and further feedback.

By making this game, I learned that life is more lenient than we make it out to be. You don’t have to choose finance and be miserable, or choose drawing and be the happiest. You’re given many chances in your life to change your mind and start all over again. Even if it may seem like it’s too “late,” it never really is. All you have to do is trust their process and enjoy where the road takes you.

Hope you enjoy playing it as much I enjoyed creating it!