1. The first topic I learned intellectually about was the “bias” video as it explained how people may misjudge a person just because of your identity. For instance, the video illustrated an Asian woman having a conversation with an american man and he offended her by asking where she is actually from as she doesnt look American.  Another Activity I found interesting was how woman were treated unequally in the society, the digial narrative game was called “gender inequality.” Another video that shed light to me was “how languages shape the way we think”as it gave me a better understanding on how people visualize or think as they have learned a certain language. Furthermore, I also learned about how racism may have a major negative impact on the society and it taught me that people can be badly mistreated because the color of their skin. The video was pulling the “race card.” These videos and activities will help me interact with people on soliya because I will have background information about topics such as: Racism, gender inequality, indentity and etc.
  2. One of the things I have learned about myself is that I am a better learner when we have more activities because it makes the class more interesting and less boring. In my perspective, people are having a more negative impact om the world because of inequality, war, poverty and how people mistreat others. People should think more often about their actions because it may lead to a major catastrophe on the world. The question i have about myself is ” How can I make the world a better place in the future?” I believe that my indentity may have a negative affect on my soliya experience because I believe other cultures will treat me differently because I’m an Arab. However, the soliya experience will benefit my self knowledge because I will have different point of views from different cultures about a certain topic in general and this will give me a better understandment on how people think.
  3. After interacting with other people I have learned that I need to be more open with them and I have to be a better listener because people needs someone who listens to them. One question I have to become a better golbal citizten is “how to end segregation?” and “how prevent gender inequality?” I want my soliya experience to help me understand people from different cultures in order to form a better friendship with them and help other people with their problems. I might use my Soliya experience when I interact with culturally different people by understanding the way they think and give them my own perspective when we have a discussion about any topic.