Attending Soliya in the past few weeks was something very different and I believe it is a very important experience that everyone should go through. Soliya’s dialogue differs from other types of online communication, as the session lasts for two hours participants have more time to prepare questions and responses without feeling pressured by time. The diversity of people from various nations and cultures generates a wide range of ideas and approaches when considering an important issue. discovered that I’m an active communicator as I always wanted to engage during the session and share my perspective and thoughts about the topics we discussed. In real life, I’m a very defensive person and I rarely listen to the person in front of me if they have an opposing point of view. In Soliya I had to work on that part, I try to be open to diverse points of view and to actually try to be understanding in trying to examine why the person has this certain thought. During our session, we discussed some things to keep in mind and do while having a conversation to be able to foster constructive communication online and in person. One of these things included respecting whatever the other person has to say even if it is opposing your point of view. Also, we mentioned how we must approach the situation with an open mind, and acknowledge, and value individual diversity. Overall, Soliya was a great experience and I believe that I’ve learned a lot of skills from the sessions and also from the people with me in the group. The only challenge I had during the sessions was maintaining complete concentration for the entire two hours because I thought we needed a break in the midst. In my group, we first reviewed each participant’s culture from their own point of view before asking each person to explain how they saw the culture of the other participant. It was a very beautiful activity that reveals how foreigners see your culture, and it was one of our most interesting discussions, in my opinion.