The conversations and the topics we discussed in Soliya were very similar in context to what we currently discuss in class with a slightly different structure. The difference is that in Soliya we are led to reflect on people’s comments just as much as our own within the exercises. In class, the topic is usually external to ourselves and we relate it to ourselves which can be optionally a reflection on others’ expressions. The benefit of Soliya is that it exposes me to a wider range of perspectives that different cultures cause. The argumentative topics each participant chose were all vastly different and it exposed me to new perspectives and to share my own experience as arguments which is sometimes common in my class’ discussions. The discussions were also similar to the in class discussions as they were sometimes structured as interactive and in group activities that support a meaning the facilitator is guiding us towards. This is helpful in making the conversation flow smoother. 

The type of communicator I am hasn’t changed. I still prefer to be more interactive in smaller group discussions. On the other hand, contrary to my belief I wasn’t as hesitant to share my thoughts. I felt just as safe to share, but not as much as I do in class given that I can also communicate with a unique sense of humor or comment in a certain way that only people of my culture would understand. It doesn’t limit me, but I noticed I filtered more thoughts through my brain than usual of things I wouldn’t say in the setting. Overall, I did over think like usual but not to the extent I thought I would. 

To be a better communicator I would actively listen to those around me, put myself in their shoes with empathy, and be open to considering different perspectives. This approach will not only help navigate inevitable disagreements but also foster deeper relationships in my personal life. For the work atmosphere, creating a space for honest and open communication, collaboration thrives. Transparency and a willingness to share constructive feedback generates success in both directions. Socially, by participating in programs and associations that bring people together and supporting organizations promotes positive change. This is achieved  through effective interaction hence contributing to my betterment and society’s.