1- One of the things that i’ve learned throughout this course so far, is that there are so many different perspectives to situations when it comes to different people. For example, when we had the zoom meeting with the people from the US, we had an activity where we would be asked what we would do in different situations and everyone had a different answer which was based on their personalty and confidence to do that thing. Another thing I learnt was how othering was a very widespread concept that people including us have to go through, we played an activity in class to clarify how common it is in the world. Another topic that was discussed in class was the difference between empathy, sympathy and compassion and discussed different articles that explained the difference between them. Lastly, the difference between equity and equality, we made an activity about differentiating between them that was really helpful.

2- This course helped me realize how we can push ourselves to think about things in a creative way. I also learned that we can have unconscious bias against different groups of people and it could be something subtle but it definitely shows to other people. I learned more about my own identity which would help in the Soliya experience since it would help me discuss my hobbies and identity with other people efficiently.  I expect that when I interact with people from different backgrounds will help me increase my knowledge about different cultures.

3-When dealing with different cultures, I try not to judge someone based on my first impression, I try to get to know a person and understand their perspective before I make a judgement. As for being a better global citizen, I would try to know more about the problems that different cultures are going through and thinking of solutions for them.