As my experience with Soliya Exchange program ends, its impacts and effects on me will stay with me forever. It was my first time to participate in such a program. This program changed a lot of perspectives and  ideas about things changed. I’ve learned from the program how to enhance my dialogue and communication skills in order to develop a great and respectful argument that serves to illustrate different point of views. The program also develops variety of topics that is important to our daily and future life. Topics such as AI, Identity, and other topics were crucial to discuss in order to improve ourselves and our interactions. The program facilitator Elhem was a great person who helped shape my experience in the program in a way that is engaging and interesting without me being bored. Along yhe way, I learned that I can be an understanding and good communicator I am as I understand what backgrounds do people come from and try to make a respectful and meaningful argument and conversation. This program definitely will be contributing to how I treat people in my community, career, and other aspects of my life in a good way that it helped me understand people more that comes from different cultures and backgrounds. Overall, my experience had a good impact on my personal life and identity as it revealed a lot of my deeper self to further expand my horizons into different fields.

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