My experience with the Soliya exchange program was like no other. It was an experience I won’t forget, as it was my first experience with people I didn’t know from around the globe. I strongly believe that Soliya opened my eyes and widened my perspective on a lot of things; it even made me discover hidden aspects of my personality. I always thought that I was a shy person, but after participating in Soliya, I discovered that I love interacting and having conversations with strangers.

I gained a lot of skills from it on a personal and professional level as well. Soliya really helped me develop and grow as a person.

That cultural diversity widened my fields of knowledge. After participating in Soliya, I came to the realization that we see things differently depending on our backgrounds and the ways we were brought up. This program really helped me to become a better listener, respecting other people’s opinions even if I disagree.

I gained a lot of skills from this program; Soliya developed my communication, problem-solving, teamwork, cultural awareness, and confidence skills.

This program was very beneficial and interesting, as they chose topics and problems we face on a daily basis. I found the topics we tacked very catchy.

Overall, it was an amazing experience that I would definitely redo if I got the chance.  It had a very positive impact on me as a person, giving me the chance to grow and discover myself more.