So far this course hasn’t been only a class I attend but a class I enjoy and look forward to . I learned a lot from it on a personal and educational level .  It gave me a wider vision and perspective of my surroundings . Something that I really learned is how we sometimes think that we are capable of solving something and that we feel what others are feeling without being in their shoes . However, being in a situation is totally different from judging it from the outside and feeling empathy for others . I learned that no matter how much you think you feel what a person is going through you actually don’t until you’re in his exact same situation. I learned this through the Syrian refugee game. At first I thought I would be able to survive, however while playing it I felt like it’s way harder than it seems from the outside . The reading we had made me feel empathy towards the author , while reading it I felt like I understood what she is really going through but I then realized that you never truly understood something until you’re in the same position.  I also learned that while playing the physical game in class , I thought that while being blind folded it’s going to be easy for me not really , I thought that i felt what my visually impaired people felt but turned out i never felt what they felt until i was put in their exact same situation and there i felt their struggle.


I have learned that even though I didn’t think I was a judgmental person, I realized that I subconsciously judge or make assumptions not knowing what the person behind me is going through. Something that really stuck out to me is how I should never judge or see a situation from a single story as we are different with different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives.

I learned that I am not a shy person as soon as I get comfortable with people around me . I thought that we all view the world the same way however I learned that we all view and interpret things differently . I expect to gain more knowledge and understanding of different cultures through soliya . I also expect to learn new things from people who think differently. I am excited to see and hear from them . I believe that my beliefs and identity won’t change but I would definitely gain more cultural knowledge and diversity.

I have learned that the more you interact with people the more you get to understand them. Reality differs from a person to another depending on the way they look at things.  I enjoy so much class interactions as we exchange ideas and thoughts.I strongly believe that soliya would be a great opportunity for me to get to know others and respect people who are different from me .I Will use this experience as I believe it’s going to help me grow as a person and become knowledgeable and well cultured .

I am a shy person so I believe that when it comes to a sensitive topic that might create debate , I will listen to what others have to say without participating . I usually don’t like to participate in political topics because I never know what to expect from a person with a different opinion than mine . Especially that these are people I don’t know. I wouldn’t like to enter this debate with them