1)Spent : i liked spent because it gave me many choices that where realistic and made me really visualize the life I would be living if i’m the character in the game . Moreover , it tested some of my humane characteristics example : putting my cat to sleep or saving its life . 

Game : https://playspent.org/ 


2)Syrian Journey : This game basically made me sad , because we all know Syrian refuges are destined to have difficulties living their life nowadays . And how it was sad that regardless of what they are going through people also try to rob them . What i didn’t like about this game is that i didn’t have many options to try and save this refuge’s life . 

Game : https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-32057601 


3) September 7th: I honestly didn’t like that game , because first i didn’t have any options regarding the situation I am in . Second i didn’t have any visuals or anything that made it boring . Third is that it had too many reading that i skipped because i felt it was not necessary . 

Game : https://caitkirby.com/downloads/Fall%202020.html 


4) Losing a parent : I really like this game because it’s so interesting and so realistic . Even though it has 0 visuals i still visualized and felt how the 16 year old would feel during this situation . 

Game: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScff3zm_c_vwAc5Blgb9rpV2CQIoMrr6kUVqESA-E-MM7KEGw/viewform ​​


5)Fake it to Make it : I really like this game because it helped me remember how i was tricked by fake news a lot , and how it teaches the players something . I also liked how there was background music . 

Game : http://www.fakeittomakeitgame.com/play/site/da277ru2/home 


6) Bury me my love : I really think the game is so creative with the chat kind of thing , but its sad to realize that’s the truth of what Syrians are going through. I also learned how their everyday life is like as the game depicted the everyday fear of getting bombed or dying . 

Game : https://burymemylove.arte.tv/prologue