Course Reflection Part I

Here are both my assignment without making it in a letter form, as well as, my letter to fellow students taking this course:

  • What I learned in this course, is knowledge and skills. I’ve gained knowledge about how AI can improve education and careers. What specifically helped me learn knowledge and skills was Soliya’s program, creating the game, and using different AI tools. A lot of things I see promoted my learning such as games like Sucrose I learned a lot about my collogues in class and I found out that we all have diverse critical thinking skills and mindsets which was so exciting for me.
  • I’m currently majoring in Integrated Marketing Communication, and I’m considering minoring in graphic design or economics. My big dream is to become a well-known TV presenter. I want to inspire and educate people, being someone they look up to. I’ve already accomplished quite a bit, but I’m not stopping anytime soon. I’m determined to keep pushing forward until I reach my goal.
  • What I will use in my academic life is Gemini, image art, and other tools that we used in class. I would also encourage other professors to allow us to use slack and Canvas to communicate, submit our assignments, and accumulate our grades.
  • My social career would be slack to communicate with different groups in different categories might be giving live sessions and providing feedback.
  • What I’ll use in my career is brainstorming from several AI tools as I mentioned, AI is very time-saving and sometimes useful if you need to organize any ideas.
  • I would show them my game, soliya reflection, and both final reflections as I see all three as very informative and detailed.



Soliya’s reflection and final reflection II:

  • And 4 – If I could change anything about this course it would be the assignments workload during final weeks maybe by dividing them from the very beginning of the semester but still, I understand that the spring semester has lots of holidays, and the diversity of choices in assignments as it might get people lost, yet, might be useful for other people, and using Soliya’s program for more time by making it count for a bigger grade in the course.
  • What kind of person should take this course might be a creative, out-of-the-box, eager, tolerant, and honest student. Creative: This course is good for people who like to think in new and different ways. They can come up with unique ideas for the assignments. Out-of-the-box: It’s for those who don’t just follow the usual methods. Eager: If someone is excited and enthusiastic about learning, this course is perfect for them. Tolerant: Being open-minded and accepting of others is important. Honest is very important for Dr. Maha as well in everything.
  • My letter to fellow students taking this course-

 Dear Fellow Students,

As the semester ends, I wanted to reflect on what I’ve learned in our course and share some thoughts with you.

Throughout this course, I’ve gained valuable knowledge and skills, particularly in understanding how AI can benefit both education and careers. Soliya’s program, creating the game, and utilizing various AI tools were instrumental in enhancing my learning experience. Playing games like Sucrose not only made learning enjoyable but also helped me understand my classmates’ diverse critical thinking skills and mindsets, which was incredibly exciting.

In terms of my academic pursuits, I’m majoring in Integrated Marketing Communication with potential minors in graphic design or economics. My ultimate dream is to become a well-known TV presenter, inspiring and educating others along the way. While I’ve already achieved some milestones, I’m committed to continuing my journey until I reach my goal.

Looking ahead, I plan to incorporate tools like Gemini and image art into my academic life, advocating for platforms like Slack and Canvas to facilitate communication and assignment submission. These tools have proven to be invaluable in our learning process and can greatly benefit future courses.

In my social career, I’ll be using Slack to engage with various groups and host live texting question-and-answer sessions, providing feedback and collaboration among people.

As I transition into my career, I’ll continue to empower the power of AI tools for brainstorming and organization, recognizing their time-saving capabilities and effectiveness in generating ideas.

Reflecting on my experiences in this course, I believe that sharing my game, Soliya reflection, and final reflections can offer valuable insights to others. You can find them linked below:


Soliya’s reflection and final reflection II:

If I could suggest improvements for the course, I would consider adjusting the workload distribution throughout the semester to alleviate stress during the final weeks. Additionally, offering more clarity and variety in assignment choices could enhance the learning experience for everyone. Furthermore, extending the duration of Soliya’s program and weighting it more heavily in the course grade could have more impact on student learning.

Lastly, I believe this course is best suited for individuals who are creative, thinking out the box, eager to learn, tolerant of diverse perspectives, and honest in their endeavors. These qualities not only align with the course objectives but also contribute to a positive learning environment for all.

Thank you for your time reading my journey throughout the course, and I look forward to our continued growth and collaboration in the future.

Warm regards,

Tamara Mady