Reflecting on this course on what I believe were significant moments for me also as a graduate and leaving university behind. I learned more about Joyce’s identity, I still remember the very first activity of writing down things to define my identity. Then eliminating three. Until I was left with two words that define Joyce. I did not know that being a christian was a big part of who i am. But turns out it’s the only one identity that I cannot replace. I think I said this before, and I am saying it again. I am not a person who likes to dig deep in their “self” so being able to reflect on who I am was a very big thing for me. I think something that I will use later on in my social life is when we discussed the topic of how having preconceived notions can really affect someone, it made me aware wherever I go anywhere to just automatically stop the judgement inside my mind as I know absolutely nothing about him/her. 


Something I’ll carry with me in my career life, especially as a graphic designer, I learned that ai cannot generate exactly what u want, and that no it cannot replace human mind. Instead, the human mind always wins. I also want to focus more on the copyright licenses, focusing on what I can take as fair use and what I can take and give credit to the owner, i just cannot copy other works of others without giving credits or reference. And this is the only course I took in the 4 years that actually taught me how taking other people’s stuff is just very unfair and it’s not “okay”.


If I would show someone my learning in this class I would show them the outcome of the digital literacies assignment because I actually learned a lot from using three new apps, garage band, room planner and cap cut.

Also, my ALTCV, because this was my first assignment to discover who Joyce is.

Lastly, the Ai assignment , because it was super cool to put a biased phrase in three different types of Ai generators and see the outcome.


If I am being completely honest this was one of the courses I actually benefited from not only on a personal level but also on an educational level. I love how this course is all based on discussions. I believe that any lecture that passes the duration of an hour, half of the class starts to daydream. So basing the class on discussions and starting the class with a game every time ,especially at 8:30 in the morning, was a very smart move and I hope all my other classes would learn from that too. 


What I would change in this course are two assignments that in my point of view did not really add to my experience. First thing is soliya, i believe that this might have been bad luck, but I was super excited about this experience that I put such high hopes in, that when it started my expectations went downhill. I don’t know what it is, but I felt that all the colleagues were attending the zoom as if they were forced, no one would communicate, conversations were a bit dry, facilitators were monotone which made the experience feel like a lecture rather than a cross-cultural experience. Of Course there were good things too. In my opinion, if Soliya was to happen again, it needs to become a choice from the students and not obligatory, so they don’t feel forced to attend. Also facilitators need to be so engaging, with a loud voice and entertaining charisma, so they can make it interactive in any other way. The second thing I would change is the Game Design, I also don’t believe it added any value as an intellectual. I really enjoyed playing the games of the other students, but when I came to create it I don’t believe I benefited that much. I think it would have been much more interesting if we actually created the game using an easy website like Game Maker or Adobe XD, or maybe do a joint session with the game design course available in the PVA department. This would be so interesting. 


I believe this course suits freshman/ sophomores students, as a freshman Joyce i would have been so inspired and in awe with so many activities and videos and discussions, that right now taking them as a graduating senior, they did really matter with me, but not in the way i would have benefited from 4 years ago. University teaches you so much so I wish I had started my university years with this foundation rather than adding new information on a shaky foundation. 

This course would not have been the same without Dr. Maha Bali, one of the most genuine professors I have met in my AUC experience, and I am really blessed to have crossed paths with her in this journey. One of the very few professors that allow you to learn the basics in life that you can implement later on as an adult, her role does not end here, but starts when we graduate and we carry these skills later on in life. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason, and it was the biggest coincidence that I decide to take this course as an elective before I graduate. I had a very special experience in this course due to my colleagues too. It was my first time that the influence not only comes from Dr. Maha, but also from my colleagues. I learned a lot from everyone, from stories to habits to personalities. Glad to have entered this course!