In Lera Boroditsky’s Ted Talk she had touched on some common sense aspects that people never deeply thought of. However, throughout the process, she have taught her audience a whole new aspect in ‘languages’. One of the most important words Boroditsky has mentioned was that “to have another language is to have another soul. In my opinion, this phrase is super meaningful if we give it a bit of deep thought. I learned that many countries are privileged with their languages as on the other hand, some other countries are sort of a burden on their citizens. I have also learned that some countries have super detailed language that it becomes hectic as it deeply differentiates between similar terminologies that are usually combined in one.

In regards of applying the language content in my own life, I personally believe that its better for each citizen to stick with the language he/she got used to as their mother tongue. I believe that Individuals who have the bilingual ability are lucky enough to manage to compromise, but I don’t believe that everyone should be capable of the same. However, I do as well believe that the more languages one can interpret, the more his ability to understand the world.

It is super fascinating to learn that we were subconsciously affected by languages big-time, however, this talk made me question why are languages created without any unity to avoid confusion?

“ To have another language is to have another soul” - Lera Boroditsky