Soliya was an opportunity for me and my peers at my university to express ourselves to others globally. This opportunity given by Soliya would help identify myself as a person and make useful relations with different people across the world. The conversations that would occur during the express program would differ from what I expected. In my head, I always compared Zoom meetings to each other, as clunky, rigid, and boring tasks. Nonetheless, our meetings were actually quite the opposite. I got the chance to meet with different people and hear different perspectives  from around the world. The main highlight of our conversations was the talk about cultures and religion. It never occurred to me that I once sat down and began talking about my culture or religion openly in this way. What made this experience more enjoyable is the comfortability that the speaker feels when he gets the chance to share his thoughts. As someone who never set foot in the US, it was a nice introduction to the people of the US and caught a glimpse of their culture. As a communicator, I always thought of myself as the silence type who said so little, however, this program proved otherwise. On many occasions, I was seen as the one initiating the conversations which opened my eyes about the type of communicator that I represent. Now, I see myself as someone who is more sociable and someone who loves engaging in thoughtful conversations. The Soliya program helped me build the perfect way to be a good listener and even a great speaker. The main thing is to always accept the opinions of others and always give them the feeling of inclusion. By doing this, your talk is going to get more respected by others. This experience was very enjoyable throughout the whole ride. I would not like what I learned to slip and I would like to offer this opportunity to others as well. I would like to be a guest speaker in more Soliya sessions in the future.