• In this course i have been exposed to many new tools that developed my creativity, critical thinking and communication skills . I believe that in this class i used tools that I wasn’t familiar with before.

The tools we used in class especially the ones AI are tools i’ll start using in other classes as they were very beneficial . The AI tools we used in class really opened my eyes on how AI is our future saving us time by permitting us to finish tasks faster and easier. This course not only exposed to me new tools but thought me to use the ones i was already familiar with in new ways.


Hypothesis is one of the tools I struggled using at first but also the one I enjoyed the most . Throughout the semester I realized how easy and practical it is . I am a person who loves reading and writing reflection or note down my ideas so I found this tool very interesting. I was never familiar with hypothesis and never used it before however after this course I’ll definitely use it when it comes to future readings . It basically lets users to annotate what they’re reading and note down their ideas on the spot and that’s why I really liked it . Another interesting point is that you get to see others comments by this you get more exposure to different opinions or perspectives.  This tool improved my concentration skills as i was able to write what comes to mind on the spot. I definitely recommend using hypothesis not only for assignments but for any type of reading.

                 Smart boards

Our classroom in this course wasn’t as the regular classrooms you find at uni . However this classroom was similar to my psychology classroom last semester. I enjoy being in a class where I’m surrounded with boards everywhere as i’m a person who looks around a lot and loses focus. I struggle with concentration problems and don’t like looking at one board for a long time so being surrounded by smart boards everywhere made it easier for me to concentrate as wherever i look i’d find what I’m supposed to be looking at . Especially that they were smart boards i felt like it was easier to interact and participate in class . I loved how we could display multiple things at a time on multiple board it just made class time more fun and easier to retain information. In my intro to psychology class I realized that by these boards i used  to participate more and get bored less . I especially enjoyed how we used the boards to present our presentations or for group games . I just believe that with these smart boards class was more effective and less boring as it wasn’t like any other class where there one board and one thing displayed at a time . The board really improved my communication, confidence and concentration skills.


Soliya was an experience like no other , it was very beneficial not only on a personal level but on a professional one as well . It was an exchange program where you get the chance to discuss relevant topics with people from all around the globe . I loved how there was a cultural diversity, it widened my perspective and opened my eyes on how to respect and listen to others . The soliya program was a very nice experience as you get to express yourself freely . We were divided into small groups where a facilitator managed the discussion so it was easy for everyone to participate and exchange ideas . This program will really improve your communication and listening skills.


Slack was like our whatsapp, it was an application where we used to chat about anything that has to do with the course.

The app was divided into various channels such as assignments, class time , soliya …

The division of the channels made it easier to find the information you need . I never used slack in any other course however we always used blackboard. After using both i can say that slack is way more efficient to use , it’s more organized and your classmates just reply quicker as it’s exactly as if you’re using whatsapp. Slack is a communication tool that permits you to share pictures , links , texts …

You can decide to share something with the whole class or to the professor alone and this is something i really liked as at first i was a shy person and didn’t feel comfortable asking questions in-front of everyone . Overall slack just made assignments and class time easier for me especially that my colleagues were very interactive and helpful.

                 AI usage

This semester i used very minimal AI as I wasn’t familiar with it . I usually don’t try things i don’t know and this is a bad habit i have . I did everything by myself without the help of AI , I kind of regretted it at the end of the semester. Seeing how the quality of work of my colleagues was just better than mine and they probably spent less time doing the assignments and theirs just turned out to be better.  Especially after this course I believe that AI is the future and we should start being aware of it . Although I didn’t use it much this semester i’ll definitely start using it next semester as it saves so much time and effort. I learnt a lot of new information about AI and now i am familiar with it . If i’d retake this course again i would definitely use AI and benefit from it . I always believe that doing things and tasks with human intelligence is better than artificial intelligence but i guess my opinion changed after this course however that doesn’t mean that we should only depend on AI . AI is developing and escalating rapidly I believe that in a few years AI will dominate us and our brains. Most jobs and education will be done by AI. Wether i like it or bot AI is going to be used in most of career as technology is taking over the world .

                    Word press

Word press is tool that is used to create content and publish blogs .

I really enjoyed it as i never published blogs , it was very easy and practical. I loved how we had access to each other’s blogs. As sometimes i’d get super interested by others blogs . Viewing each other’s posts widens your perspective and makes you learn new things. I am an imc major and i believe that WordPress showed me that I should be more active on social media . As my major requires that . I also loved how each one of us expressed themselves freely on their blog , it was a form of expression not only an assignment we full fill.

Overall WordPress is a very effective way to submit assignments, it developed my publishing and reading skills . I am definitely using it further in my publishing career.

                       Google slides

Google slides is tool a tool we’re all familiar with and definitely used it before but what I really liked in this course is that we learnt to use differently . I would have never imagined that I could create a digital game using google slides. So i was really fascinated and impressed by how creative it was . For me Google slides was only for presentation however it turned out to be useful in other areas. This showed me how creativity has no rules or limits.

To sum it up , most of the tools we used in this course were new to me and thought me a lot of new especially when it comes to communication and creativity.

My favorite tools this semester were slack and soliya and my least favorite was canvas as I believe it’s so educational and similar to blackboard. Overall it was a amazing experience getting exposed to bee efficient tools that I’d definitely use further in my education or even personal life.