Final Reflection on Digital Literacies Course – Part 1:

  1. What I Learned in This Course
  2. About Myself:

This course has significantly expanded my self-awareness, particularly in understanding my digital identity and presence. One significant moment was the Fast Friends Activity, which required us to share personal stories and values. This activity highlighted how my upbringing and personal experiences have shaped my digital interactions and presence. It made me reflect on my communication style and how I present myself in digital spaces. Furthermore, The ALTCV task was so enjoyable when we have created a CV, yet in a creative format. It was not an easy task because I was thinking how to create a creative CV. At the beginning of the course, I thought that I am not a creative person, but throughout the course, the assignments we have taken, and the feedbacks I have received from my professor Maha and my friends, I discovered that I have since of creativity. I was able to create a creative CV by creating a nice competition which is well known called “Who wants to be a millionaire?”. I have presented myself in some MCQs and the winner who is going to gather as many points as he/she can.

  1. For My Academic Life:

Academically, I have gained valuable digital skills that I will continue to use throughout my studies. The Digital Narrative Game assignment was particularly impactful. Through researching and creating a digital game, I learned how to integrate digital tools with storytelling, enhancing both my technical skills and my ability to convey complex ideas creatively. This experience taught me the importance of combining creativity with technical proficiency in academic projects. We have learned that through Dr. Bali’s article about the difference between Digital Literacy and Skills, and I have learned that Digital Literacy is about understanding the technical skills we learn from knowing its purpose, when to use it right? Why we use it in our life? All of that in order to properly make use of any technical skill and make a positive impact all over the world. The digital Narrative Game  implements one of the 8 digital literacy elements which is the creative one. It is simply about making use of any tool in a creative way, and that is what we have done by using Google Forms in order to create a digital narrative game. Additionally, we have learned an important skill for our life and for our academic life in particular which is about the fake news. However, we have not practice that a lot, yet it was so beneficial because we have learned some tactics on how to know that this is a fake new by looking at some elements, such as the URL of the article I found this info in which may be a not reliable source. I have studied that in my LALT course, but honestly because it is not a credited course, I have not practiced this skill a lot. Therefore, it was great opportunity to practice it in that course, and I wish to spend more time learning more about that crucial skill. Also, the on board activities are so motivational since we come to class in the morning at 8:30 AM and feel so sleepy, These activities motivate us to work in class, but in a different way by discussing some questions and filling out some blanks related to the class topic, which makes the class fruitful through the discussions we made after each activity. I am planning to be a professor in the future, so, I am going to implement that in my classes.

  1. For My Social Life:

In terms of social interactions, the Empathy Toy Game was a pivotal activity. This game taught me the importance of clear and precise communication, especially when interacting with individuals who have different needs or perspectives. It reinforced the idea that empathy and effective communication are crucial in all social interactions, whether online or offline. As a visually impaired person, I have realized that I have to efficiently describe anything I want to any other sighted person to help him understand my point , and that needs good communication skills. Therefore, the Solyia program have taught us this important skills, such as being an active listener to Clearly understand the other side’s point in order to properly respond, learning the difference between a dialog and a debate, learning the guidance steps to create a respectful and fruitful discussions as well as learning how to communicate with others in a global set. Through this program sessions, I have encountered some situations which made me gain these skills like discussing a debatable topic like the gender equity with a Tunisian girl as well as discussing a very enjoyable talk with a Corian 50 years lady about the differences between the elderlies and youth regarding the mindset.

  1. For My Career:

Professionally, the skills I developed in this course will be invaluable. The Trauma-Informed Pedagogy video by Mays Imad was particularly enlightening. It emphasized the need for creating supportive and inclusive environments, a concept that I plan to apply in my future career. Understanding the impact of trauma on learning and communication will help me create more empathetic and effective work environments. I really loved the way Dr. Maha implements in the assignments she created for us. She was so fixable regarding the assignment format, which made us as students so comfortable choosing the preferred format we want. She always emphasizes that the assignments are not about collecting grades, it is about learning at least one new thing. All of that creates this inclusive and motivational environment.

  1. Showcasing My Learning

To demonstrate my learning, I would highlight the following three assignments:

  1. Digital Narrative Game: This project showcases my ability to combine digital tools with creative storytelling. It involved extensive research, creativity, and technical skills. Additionally, it is the best way to teach and understand the difference between the digital literacy and skills.
  2. ALTCV assignment: This assignment showcases my creativity, and it is so important to teach the students how to present themselves in other ways.
  3. Empathy Toy Game: This activity demonstrates my learning in effective communication and empathy, crucial skills for both personal and professional interactions.
  4. The SPLOT or the Blog assignments: These are considered the first step for anyone who wants to be a blogger in the future.
  5. Suggestions for Course Improvement
  6. More Hands-On Activities: While the course included several practical assignments, which were too much especially at the end of the semester due to the spring holidays, increasing the number of hands-on activities could further enhance learning. Activities like digital tool workshops or collaborative projects could provide more opportunities for students to apply their skills in real-world contexts. That is in addition to concerning the assignments deadlines rescheduling in the Spring semesters in particular.
  7. Hosting a good number of guest speakers: The digital skills are many, so, we can host some guest speakers specialized in certain skills to teach us the digital literacy of these skills.
  8. One-Sentence Course Recommendation

Anyone looking to deepen their understanding of digital literacies, making international friends, and enhance their skills in digital communication and creativity should take this course.

Creative Presentation

I have copied all what I have wrote above to ChatGPT 4O and asked it to create a TikTok video script to encourage AUC students to register in this course next semester, and the following is the output:

4 Reasons Why You NEED to Take the Digital Literacies Course at AUC!


Discover your digital identity and presence like never before! The Fast Friends Activity made me realize how my personal experiences shape my online interactions. 🌐✨

Academic Skills

Want to ace your academic projects? The Digital Narrative Game assignment teaches you to blend creativity with technical skills. Plus, you’ll master spotting fake news—crucial for your studies! 🎓📚

Social Interactions

Improve your communication and empathy with fun activities like the Empathy Toy Game. Learn to understand different perspectives and build stronger connections! 🤝💬

Professional Development

Prepare for your future career with skills like Trauma-Informed Pedagogy. Create supportive and inclusive environments in any workplace. 💼🌟

Showcasing My Learning

Showcase your creativity and skills with assignments like the Digital Narrative Game, ALTCV assignment, and Empathy Toy Game. These projects are not just about grades, they’re about learning and growth! 📈🎨

Suggestions for Course Improvement

We’re always improving! More hands-on activities and guest speakers specialized in digital skills will enhance your learning experience. 🛠️👩‍🏫

Course Recommendation

If you want to deepen your understanding of digital literacies, make international friends, and boost your digital communication and creativity, this course is for you! 🌍✍️

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