• How you modified it since first draft based on feedback (include links to previous blog posts about the game)

My game was about mental health challenges that three different characters have faced. The game has three different stories about three different people. Each scenario describes obstacles and challenges that these characters face on a daily basis due to their illness. Based on peer feedback they suggested I would add more details about the characters themselves to make the audience feel close to the characters and would sympathize with them more. Another thing is that I should add dialogue between characters and also share inner challenges that the characters have within themselves.

  • What you would have done differently if you had more time 

If i had more time i would have added more details about the characters about their traits and more details about their lives to engage the audience more. . I also would have added pictures to the game to grab the users attention and so they could imagine the scenario vividly. I would try to give more options of choices for my character to make the game more complex because I tried to make the game as simple as possible so the users wouldn’t get confused. However, that caused the game to lack a lot of details. Also, Dr Maha shared an issue with the slides that they were linked wrong and that users saw both pathways , so if I had  more time I would have fixed that issue. 

  • What you learned while making this game

What I have learned while making this game is how to be creative to think about the most realistic scenarios and attempt to imagine how a mentally ill patient would have felt in each challenge. I also learned how to use google slides to design a game and not only use it for presentation purposes. 

  • All the scenarios were based on real life experiences , mariam is based on experiences that my best friend had in her daily life . She suffered from bulimia nervosa and I have learned about this illness from first hand experience. The anxiety and depression scenarios were discussed with a clinical psychologist who helped me imagine how patients that suffer from anxiety and depression feel and how they think in each scenario. 

link to the game :