1. How have you modified it since the first draft based on feedback (include links to previous blog posts about the game)

The final draft of the game. 

We mostly stayed the same compared to our first draft. The only change was adding pictures, as we found that adding pictures would make the game more interesting. Also, we got comments that part of the choices was concise, so in the final draft, I had to extend my part to have longer scenarios in some decisions. 


2. What would you have done differently if you had more time

If I had more time, I would add more scenarios to make the game longer. However, the difference won’t be that huge as we spend so much time getting this game outcome, from learning how to make a game on google Forms to coming up with as many scenarios as possible and researching each sequence. 


   3. What you learned while making this game 

While doing the research for each sequence, I found that researching for an action; (ex: why someone did that) is challenging. As an action may indicate too many physiological reasons, I had to be more specific to have a particular answer. And I also learned about some anxiety disorders, such as agoraphobia and other illnesses.