Aly Fahmy

Adham Sakkijha 

Farah Nashaat


Part 4 Narrative Game 



Our game talks about mental health issues and we created a digital narrative game on google slides where we explore three big factors or disorders that are related to mental health. The first one we discussed was Depression, we created possible scenarios in which the players are taken on a journey with a set character that has depression and deals with dilemmas that will affect his mental health. The players dive into the world of depression and their decisions will decide whether or not the character will improve mentally. The second game discusses the problems one faces when they are diagnosed with an eating disorder. Throughout this game we are taken on a journey with a character called Mariam in which she makes decisions that will alter the outcomes of her mental stability and health. The last factor at hand is anxiety. Through exploring this disorder we follow a character called Ahmed that has to deal with anxiety on a daily basis and we are exposed to his hectic world where he has to balance his work and personal life while maintaining his sanity throughout the journey. We decided to talk about mental health issues because we believe that there are many people who suffer from these disorders and they are unable to function in their daily lives. Furthermore, the main goal of this narrative game is to raise awareness about mental health issues and try to educate people on the difficulties people with mental disorders face in life.

Link for the narrative game on Google slides – Mental health narrative game