I have never created a game using Google Forms, but it was an enjoyable experience. Furthermore, it taught me something important, and it is related to digital literacy as we have red in Dr. Bali’s article, (2016) that any technical skill can be used in a way that is different from its common use. That is one of the 8 elements of the digital literacy which is related to the creative use of the technical skills we have learned.

We were supposed to do an enjoyable game using whether Google Forms or Slides, and it should include some of the success indicators of any enjoyable game, such as scoring, good scenarios, different pathways and feedback. We all have agreed on many of these indicators, and me and Moataz have applied some of them in our game.

Our game is simply about:

  • You’ll navigate a series of everyday scenarios as a blind individual.
  • Each scenario presents two choices that might impact your social interactions, independence, and overall well-being.
  • Based on your decisions, you will see how they influence your performance through out the game.
  • Throughout the game, points will be awarded (out of a maximum of 40) based on your choices or behaviours in these situations. Higher points reflect actions that promote self-advocacy, resourcefulness, and positive social interactions.


Also, you can play and learn more about our game through the link below.

It was required from us to create at most 20 scenarios, and we have done that, however that was not an easy task for me to formulate a scenario because I lack this wide of imagination. What I have done is helping Moataz as much as I can to come up with the ideas of the scenarios with their options, and he has done this scenario formulation task since he is a good scenarist. Furthermore, one of my main tasks is to create the Google Form, which was a big tedious task, and when there are too much sections, the computer lags, and I was about to break it due to that. That is in addition to the confusion I encountered while setting the directions of each section and each option.

Moreover, through the first phase, I have received a feedback from Dr. Shaymaa Elsherif about enhancing the writing structure and the language mistakes, and we have tried as much as we can to correct that.

Overall, the experience was so interesting, and I have learned from it a lot.


You can play Blindfolded journey game via the following link:



Thank you!