The first Game was Spent :

Playing this game made me feel what it is like to be an adult and have serious responsibilities such as taking care of my child and my needs. I learned how to rationalize the use of money and how to make it better fit my needs. One suggestion is that the game should add more options for how to use the money as I felt that the options were very limited.

The Second Game was the BBC Syrian Refugees game

This game made me feel the struggle that syrian refugees went through in order to escape their country and flee the war. It showed how their decisions were always crucial as they could decide between life and death. I learned how to think about every outcome in such a dire situation. One suggestion is that this game is perhaps too extreme and I feel like it pushes you to eventually die and lose; therefore, I’d make this game more realistic.

The third game was fake it to make it

This game made me feel like all that matters to some publishers is to get the ad clicks and the views as they don’t care about their credibility as long as they get the money. I learned how fake news websites operate and how their owners think and use people’s emotions to their advantage. One suggestion is that the game is perhaps just too long for me and very repeatable hence I’d like it more if it got straight to the point.

The fourth game was sleep deprived mom

This game made me feel the struggles that moms face when raising their child and how they tend to sacrifice their own wants and needs for their children.  I learned more about parenthood and how it’s purely about sacrifice. It also made me realise that I really have to be ready to sacrifice if I want to have kids. I suggest that the game could be longer and the addition of more options would be great.

The fifth game was September 7th, 2020

Honestly, all I felt while playing this game is that it was too much. The main character is a minority in a minority in a minority. The consequences of each action is very severe. This game is everything wrong with America. I learned that some people were really suffering during covid and coming back on campus just wasn’t making it any better. I suggest that the character becomes more relatable as it was very hard to relate to them.

The sixth game was Responsible Partying.

I felt like this game was exaggerating the outcomes of some choices. For example, having a drink at a party won’t make you an Alcoholic, as personally I don’t believe in those kind of statistics. I learned about consent, how it’s given, and how to intervene if it’s not. I suggest that the game becomes less severe as it is exaggerated.

I’d like to describe each game as a friend that one might have.

Spent: is the friend who is very rational with his spending.

BBC Syrian Refugees: is your friend who has been through a lot and needs some help.

Fake it to make it: is the friend who feels like they need to lie to make themselves seem interesting.

Sleep deprived mom: is the friend who just had a baby and is really struggling with balancing their life.

September 7th, 2020: is the friend who is contagious to everything and you really need to keep safe.

Responsible Partying: is the friend that you wouldn’t invite to a party.