Step 1:

step 1 of assignment

Step 2:

After doing the digital confidence profile activity, I discovered that I am doing really well in some categories, and not so well in others. I am really confident in the create & innovate category as well as the communicate and collaborate category. Although I did expect to do well in the create & innovate category, I didn’t expect to do so well in the communicate and collaborate category. However, I did not show good results when it came to Identity wellbeing. After reading the the article “Knowing the Difference Between Digital Skills and Digital Literacies and Teaching Both.” by Maha Bali, I discovered that I never knew the difference between digital literacies and digital skills. As it was explained in the article, learning digital skills is basically learning how to download images and use them on different platforms, while digital literacies focuses more on how to choose the appropriate image, use citations, check copyrights, as well as putting alternative text for images. These are all things that we have learned how to do, and that had known previously, but I never knew they were separate topics. “When we encourage students to use technology, do we remind them of the risks of placing their information online and give them choices of how much personal information to reveal?”, in this quote, I was reminded of the activity we did recently in class regarding privacy and how to protect your privacy on your phones. This article helped me appreciate the activities and assignments we had throughout the semester way more.

Step 3:

Taught path:

I chose the Graphic Design station since it is my major so I wanted to know how much I still have to learn about it. It included a very long interactive presentation which includes all the different elements of design and how they should be used. I found myself getting very interested in some of the tools they explained, and I was surprised that I hadn’t heard about them before. The presentation got me excited to learn all of these new topics in a more in-depth manner in my future courses, and taught me a few things that could help me in my current project submissions. I truly did not expect to learn so much from this activity, but I am glad I chose to look through it. Not only did the presentation itself help me discover new things about Graphic Design, but there was also a quiz at the end about the content included in the slides, which made me really focus on the information in order to do well in the quiz. It also included a page by the end of the presentation which had different links for websites that could help in Graphic Design, I recognized some but the others were completely new to me.

Graphic Design station icon

Tinkering Path:

For the tinkering path, I chose to do two design assignments and one writing assignment. Starting with the design assignments, in this assignment I was required to open a website that takes words that you type in and makes an image out of it. I was assigned to write a word and save the image that comes up. Now it’s up to anyone reading this to try to guess what the word I chose was.

a mixture of yellow red and green in the image

In my second Design assignment, I was required to choose a photo that I liked and write some text that warps into the outline of something in the image. I chose this assignment since it related to Graphic Design (it is something that I just learned to do recently and I wanted to know if I. would be able to do it). I chose to use this image of my dog running in my garden, it’s one of my favorite photos I have ever taken of my dog. My dog’s name is snow and she is a mix between a Husky and a German Shepherd, which is why she has two different colored eyes (one is brown and the other is blue).

image of my dog with tex around her

And for my last tinkering assignment which was a writing assignment, the requirements were:

“Your pet(s) can understand you perfectly for the next 5 minutes! Use this chance to tell them anything and everything you want them to understand.”

I chose this assignment since I thought it would be amazing if I actually had the opportunity to speak with my dogs. The first thing I would want to make clear was how much I love them, and no matter how busy I am I will always try to make time to sit with them. I want them to know that they are genuinely the biggest support I have in my life and that I appreciate them so much. I’d ask them if they were comfortable with how they are living and if they had any preferences within the options I feed them. I would ask my Husky to please stop howling at 4am just because our neighbors dog barked once, as well as to stop destroying her toys if they are left too long with her. I would explain that the vet visits are for their benefit and that I am not trying to torture them. And I want to let them know that would want them to know that even though my mother and sister are scared of dogs, they love hem just as much as I do.

Step 4:

Honestly, this assignment seemed very intimidating due to how complicated it was or how many steps it had, but once I started working on it I realized that. it was very enjoyable. All the games I had to play and mini assignments I had to do were extremely fun and really taught me a lot. It taught me more about the difference between digital literacies and digital skills, it taught me about how to use new tools that would help me in my major. Overall the assignment was very enjoyable and helpful, even though it seemed tough in the beginning, once I got the hang of it I was able to finish it without any complications. I am even curious enough to want to try out more of the pathways that were given to us as an option to see how they are.