The Path Less Travelled: Career path game

PART 2: Do Background Research on the Topic of Your Own Digital Narrative Game:

When I was 13, I discussed career options with my father. It didn’t take us long to choose political science, as I have already been showing interest in politics. It always intrigued me how the world works, and how the domestic affected the international. I picked my major right then and there and decided that diplomacy is what my heart desires. I refused to see any other major as a possible option, and I was probably the first one in my friend group who knew what they wanted early on. 

Adjacently, my love for reading and writing emerged. I started journaling my life in a locked diary, and I’ve always kept the key in a necklace around my neck – now I carry it in my bag – it was my most sacred possession. 

I’ve read over 200 books as well, and can confidently say that I can pinpoint different writing styles, and what makes a good book and a boring one. 

Politics is the “practical” or “realistic” career path. It’s a stable and safe option. Thus, I majored in it. Writing, or even editing, is a less stable and safe option, so I minored in it.

Politics was for my family. Writing was for me. 

Now, after all these years, I wonder if politics is truly what my heart desires. If my true calling is a 9-5 desk job that may or may not involve traveling. If diplomacy will make me feel accomplished and happy, or forever feel like I missed out on the one thing that made me feel free and content: Writing.

This game is designed for those who are conflicted between the heart and the mind. The passion and the practicality. The stable job, or the path less traveled. After all, both have huge consequences and lifelong effects. This game is about decision-making, conflicting emotions,