Alternative CV 10word stories

  1. Disability activism: I am an advocate of disabled rights.
  2. Writing is the tongue of humans mind; therefore I write.
  3. People say I am: nervous, tenacious, hard worker, &tentative to details.
  4. People read books, and I fancy doing so, too.
  5. I resent loneliness, hence I am sociable with everyone.
  6. Should one require an adaptable person? Here I’m there.
  7. I shall be responsive on my email, but wellbeing is important.
  8. Anxiety and stress are my worst enemies, but I still work diligently.
  9. Whatever your work environment is (individual/ teamwork), I am ready.
  10. Whilst working with me, no FOMO; there will be an alternative.
  11. I am a dreamer, so I’ve got this song to represent me.