In this course, we used many tools that I didn’t use before. Even the tools that I used before, we used it in this course very differently. I really liked how we learnt and discovered several uses for many apps.

  • Slack
  • Soliya
  • Blog
  • Google Forms
  • Smart Boards


Slack functioned as a communication tool between the professor and us students. I only disliked one thing out of the three things I loved about this app. This app was extremely organised and accessible to all of us. The doctor divided it into channels, assigning each channel a particular subject. We use each channel for a different purpose, such as a channel for class-time, a channel for music, game channel, a general channel, a random channel, etc. The considerable level of privacy was the second aspect I truly enjoyed. The app never asks for shows our contact information. Slack is extremely careful and understanding of people’s privacy, which encourages some people to use it fearlessly. The app is also accessible online and on laptops. So I can use my laptop to use it. Slack’s vibe of being a bit overwhelming and hustle-like was something I did not like. I get lost among the channels trying to find a message when someone sends one. I search through channels and messages to locate anything the professor mentioned that I want to remember.


The platform itself initially seemed unique, but after the classes began, I really liked it. They were highly responsive to emails and other questions, and the sessions were well-organized. Moderators are expertly educated to interact with the students throughout sessions while also allowing them to speak freely. I might be partial because I liked the experience, but I thought it was simple to use and understand. Through Soliya, I was able to actually connect with individuals and meet personalities I had never imagined. People should participate in the programme if they can because, in my opinion, it reveals a lot about a person’s acceptance, conversational skills, and other characteristics.

Class Blog

It is mostly used as a platform for hosting and creating webpages as well as posting tasks. Initially, I found it difficult to use the class blog because I didn’t know how to create or publish to my own blogs. I was able to use it, make my own posts, and complete my tasks, though, after using some videos. The fact that you can view all of your assignments in separate postings and simply access them all by scrolling is something I found to be incredibly great about the class blog. Additionally, if you submit your work, you have the option of changing or updating it. It also mentions that if you get a comment on a post you made, you can examine who left a comment, visit the comments area, and utilize that information to update your post. I think that by applying this tool, I have shown myself that I am capable of picking up new skills quickly and effectively, which gives me more confidence when using new tools.

Google Forms

In spite of the fact that I had previously used Google Forms, I discovered a load of new information and features that will be useful for me later in my career. For example. If I have to conduct surveys, I will be able to make the survey more engaging by including images and understanding that my questions shouldn’t be excessively long and complicated to avoid boring the respondent. I used Google Forms to help me create my game. I initially thought that using Google Forms only involved entering questions, but I later discovered that it also allowed me to add pictures and link multiple sections together. I think this will help me both in my career and in the following academic semesters. While using this app, I discovered a number of things about myself, but one of the most significant was that I am able to utilize the tool more quickly and confidently with each usage, demonstrating that I pick things up quickly and that it frequently only takes a few tries to become proficient. This encourages me to have a positive outlook when using new or previously used tools, where I am eager to learn more about the item and improve my knowledge with it or assess how well I am using it. Similar to Google Slides, Google Forms is a tool that is utilized for the same purpose of creating surveys. Google Slides may also be utilized to produce slideshows and presentations.

Smart Boards

This tool proved to be really helpful in this course. However, because this course involves a lot of group projects and activities, we feel that it is crucial. The smart board not only made or tasks easier by improving communication among us and making it simpler to share information, but it also assisted in carrying out numerous activities, which changed the classroom’s atmosphere and made it more enjoyable. As a result, I thought it was good for communication, made life easier for us, changed the mood, and made things more enjoyable. It was entertaining and helpful to actually learn more about technology and find new things, like projecting our laptops or mobiles¬†on a screen, due to this tool. This tool had a lot of benefits, and I liked that multiple people could write in it and that it was practical and could be used to project anything. However, I did not like the technical issues that occasionally occurred, like writing in the wrong place or not writing at all, because these were the only drawbacks. That is why I want to use this tool once more throughout all of my classes.

I thought this was excellent for completing its job because I enjoyed it so much. It was similar to Google Docs in that it was added to and shared by many people, but I thought it was much simpler to use, especially for reading. I loved that we could read each other’s comments and share it with a wide audience. I also enjoyed that we could create a special group for only our remarks in addition to the general group. I don’t see any drawbacks to this tool, and I really enjoyed using it because I was interested in other people’s opinions while reading and wondering whether anyone else had similar thoughts to mine at the time, so I read a lot of the comments. It was my first time reading something when someone I knew was reading it at the same time, so it was a fantastic experience, so I improved my reading skills. As a result, I realised that I care about the perspectives of individuals in a book and that I enjoy reading a book or an article¬†with someone. I am really interested in using this tool again in the long term.