Asking a question like where are you from or what is your nationality is not as easy as some people think. It is not just what is the color of your passport, this question is deeper than we all think. Travelling to a country even for a month can make you feel you are from this country, we can feel that our rituals and relationships are stronger in than country more than the country we are originated from. Taiye Selasi said “All identity is experience”, so who we are is built by our experience not the countries we lived in. Countries most of the time are used as a power game not as building people’s identities. Countries can change, places and people can change, but every is experience you went through will always live inside you without changes and will be a part of your identity.

I feel that I am still searching for my identity by taking experience in different fields, increasing my knowledge and knowing people with different experiences. That’s why I am planning to travel as much countries as I can to explore places and people and discover who am I.

Are my friends and parents part of my identity?

Why don’t they open all the countries to all the world citizens and remove all the political borders?