Step 1B:

The digital confidence profile test:

I would say the results of this test are quite accurate. I would say I am more of a casual user of technology. I would say I am comfortable and reliable when using technology to do the basic activities.


Step 2:

Article link:

I always thought literacy and skill are the same thing. Foe me, they meant just to have the ability or knowledge to do something. After reading the article, I would say I get the difference between them. To have a skill, is to have the ability to do something while to be literate about something, it to have the appropriate judgement to use this ability. When posting a picture or writing a comment, the thought of how this may affect my life does not come to my mind. The fact that what you do online may be used to affect your future life is quite scary. Relating this to one of my professor’s talks in class, that she feels offended when someone posts a picture of her without wearing the hijab without her consent. It is an eye-opener to the importance of having the knowledge of what to post or write on the internet. In the future, I would like to view social media in a more preservative way and to be more cautious when engaging with social media.


Step 3: Choose your digital literacies

I went with the taught path as I feel more comfortable with completing modules. I chose to complete the presentation skills and tools module and the introduction to digital research skills module.

Presentation skills and tools module:

Introduction to digital research skills module: