I enjoyed doing this assignment, I enjoyed reading the article and listening to the podcast as I believe that AI became a relative tool used by everyone nowadays. I feel like this assignment widened my knowledge and made me gain a lot of information about the usage of AI .

Where are the crescents in AI?”

I learned that AI is biased i never knew that before, it was shocking but at the same time interesting for me to know such thing . I believe that AI shouldn’t be biased when it comes to political issues . Something i learned that left me fascinated is the bias and discrimination of AI .

I loved the example of AI like cake making as I learned from it that i need to think when to use my brain and when to use AI . I loved how simple the example was to explain a bigger idea and it made me to think deeper when to use the easy way and when I actually need to work from scratch so I learned that AI can sometimes be beneficial while other times not.

How should I be using AI right now?”

I learned something that left me so amazed . I didn’t know that ChatGPT had targeted audience , I thought that it was created to serve everyone and didn’t know that each type’s audience differs from the other . So I learned that they target certain people with certain versions and that left me surprised .

I believe that after reading and listening, yes I should use AI and keep up with the world but always keep in mind not to rely on it too much and also rely on my own brain . I believe that i should be careful and differentiate when to use and when to not use it and not let it impact me in negative ways .

I chose awareness of inequality and biases as i believe that AI is biased and i wanted to test it .

I used canva to generate an Free online image , i asked it to generate a picture of a person with disability and it showed me a person on wheelchair so I believe that ai stereotypes and have a certain idea of people with disabilities however that people with w bit of problems aren’t always sitting on wheelchairs . So ai stereotypes .

Here is the picture


Pixlr . Com


I used all 3 to generate a picture of a person with disabilities and all 3 showed me a person on wheelchair while someone with disabilities doesn’t have to be a wheelchair .


When i tried to turn these pictures into text it told me no text found