How languages shapes the way we think?

In this Ted talk, she demontrates on how languages can structure the way we think and how we visualize objects or things in general because of one spoken language. The most important point that I have learned in this video that languages can have lots of effects such as, broad effects, big effects, deep effects, early effects and weighty effects. Broad effects means that people from different cultures can view a certain object in their minds differently. For example, In German they symbolize the sun as feminine, while in spanish they view it as masculine.

In my perspective, I believe that I can apply this video in my own life by learning different languages because it will help me understand why people from different cultures view certain things in this way. In addition, It will change my way of thinking and enables me to think outside of the box.

I have realized that the study of languages is crucial because it enables us to understand people and its surprising that it has a great effect on how we interpret certain things. The question that I have for this video is why languages have a great influence on how we think and visualize things?