I saw this quote today on a friend’s Facebook timeline. I love many aspects about it, but, to me, the underscoring notion is what makes it stand out and renders it remarkable. That is – the idea colloquially, and less formally, known as “no pain no gain”. I believe one has to endure hardships and do mistakes so that they can learn, grow, and perform in their lives – be it socially or professionally. This is reminiscent of the saying that goes along the lines of “it’s not about getting knocked down, it’s about getting up.”


How Does it Affect Me?

The answer is rather simple. It serves as a reminder of the nature of life to me; whenever I feel down, lazy, or just giving up, I must refer back to this quote.


A Video That Keeps Me Going

I love this video, though it’s a TikTok (a platform I despise). Since I have become an avid Gym-go-er, just recently, this video motivates me to keep up my consistence and training since, hopefully, sooner my body shape and overall health will improve, a target that has  been on my bucket list since very long.